Northwestern Greece hit by powerful storm as more downpours expected


Some 10 centimeters of rain flooded the streets of Ptolemaida in northwestern Greece on Monday morning, as the national weather service warned of more downpours over the course of the week.

The storm was also accompanied by thunder and lightning, with one home in the village of Perdika catching fire after being struck by a bolt. No one was injured in the blaze, though it did cause significant damage to the property, local media reported.

The national weather service (HNMS) has forecast unsettled weather throughout the week, warning of brief, powerful storms in many parts of the mainland and the Peloponnese, particularly near the western coast and the islands of the Ionian.

The wet front is expected to start clearing from Friday as it moves eastwards, bringing cloudy skies and a few showers to the rest of the mainland and the islands of the southern Aegean.