Thessaloniki transit authority to compensate pass holders


The Thessaloniki transit authority OASTH on Tuesday said it will be compensating commuters with all-access passes who have sustained losses due to industrial action by public transport workers.

The ANA-MPA news agency reported that OASTH's board of directors announced that pass holders will receive compensation for every 24-hour strike held during the months of May, July and August upon purchase of a new pass, on the condition that they can present their passes for those months to the issuing authorities.

The level of compensation has been set at 1/30th of the value of the pass for every strike day. For example, holders of a 30-euro pass who sustained losses during this month's four full-day strikes, will be able to purchase a new card at a discount of 4 euros or ask for the amount in cash if they have already acquired a new pass. Holders of three-month, six-month and annual passes will receive the same level of compensation.