Proceeds from TV license auction to be used for social policy, Tsipras says


The proceeds from an auction of television-broadcast licenses will be used for social policy, Greece’s left-wing Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Friday.

“I vow that all the money to the last euro will be spent on emergency projects to support vulnerable groups,” Tsipras said during a ceremony to inaugurate a section of the Olympia Odos motorway in the Peloponnese on Friday.

The SYRIZA-led government says it has raised 246 million euros from a controversial TV license auction that saw just two of the seven current private national broadcasters survive.

Tsipras hailed the tender as an end to backroom deals between political administrations and vested interests.

"[The tender] sends a message to foreign investors that there are rules in this country… that governments will no longer be playing political games awarding projects," he said.