Four-year-old Ani was hacked while she was alive, coroner says


A coroner testifying in the case of the murder in Athens of 4-year-old Ani Borisova in May 2015 said she was alive while she was being hacked with a kitchen knife.

His testimony conflicts with that of her father, who has denied killing her but has admitted that he hacked her to pieces only after he found her dead.

The 27-year-old father, Stanislav Bakardjiev, and his 30-year-old friend Nazif Ahmedov face charges of murdering Ani, while her 25-year-old mother, Dimitrina Borisova, faces charges of exposing a minor to danger and covering for the two men.

“There is no way this child was hacked after she died… the hacking took place while she was alive,” coroner Nikos Karakousis told the court.