Kammenos says he would withdraw support for government if Church is disregarded


The leader of the junior coalition party, the Independent Greeks (ANEL), Panos Kammenos says he would withdraw his support for the government if the Church of Greece is disregarded.

Speaking to Antenna TV on Tuesday, Kammenos said that a conflict between the State and the Church “would be catastrophic for Greece.”

The Defense Minister made his remarks amid an ongoing clash between the leftist-led coalition and the Church over the role of religion in school and society.

“If the government said it will ignore the Church and changed everything with regard to religion at schools and did away with Orthodoxy, then I wouldn’t support the government and I said this to the Prime Minister and the Archbishop,” he said.

Kammenos said, however, that a “solution was given” at the recent meeting between the Premier and the Archbishop Ieronymos