Court finds defendants guilty in Ani murder trial


An Athens court on Tuesday found four defendants guilty in connection to the murder of 4-year-old daughter Ani Borisova in central Athens on Good Friday last year.

The court found the victim’s father, 27-year-old Bulgarian national Stanislav Bakardjiev, and his accomplice, 30-year-old Nazif Ahmedov, guilty of the 4-year-old’s murder. At the trial, Bakardjiev admitted to cutting up her dead body but denied killing her, claiming that Ahmedov was responsible for her death. 

The girl’s mother, 25-year-old Dimitrina Borisova, was found guilty of explosing the child to danger,but was acquitted over charges of perjury. A fourth defendant, the owner of the basement flat where Ani died, was found guilty of perjury.

The court was expected to decide over extenuating circumstances before handing its ruling on the sentences.