Syrian suspect believed to have links to terrorists arrested in Crete


A 51-year-old Syrian arrested in Hania, Crete, on Thursday appears to be linked to Islamist terrorists who carried out attacks in Paris in November last year and Brussels in March, a source in the Greek Police said Friday, explaining that his arrest was part of a coordinated effort between France, Belgium and Greece to apprehend suspects believed to have provided “logistical” support to the attackers.

The unnamed Syrian, who owns a car rental firm on Crete, was wanted on a Belgian arrest warrant for participation in a criminal organization and people smuggling, among other charges that did not include terrorism.

The arresting officers found evidence to support claims he was part of a network smuggling migrants into Europe, but broader investigations are aimed at ascertaining whether he also helped the Paris and Brussels attackers travel to Western Europe via Greece with forged passports.