Marfin Bank clerks say they were targeted during protest


Bank clerks testifying at the trial over the deadly May 2010 firebombing of a central Athens branch of Marfin Bank, which resulted in the death of three employees, said they had been targeted by hooded assailants during a large anti-austerity protest.

“These weren’t protesters who came to protest against the bailout,” one bank employee said, adding that he saved himself after jumping off a second-floor balcony.

He said he saw hooded individuals, who had joined the march, smash bank windows and douse the entrance with flammable liquid.

He also said that there was no fire safety system in place and that the bank had only one emergency exit.

Angeliki Papathanasopoulou, 32, Paraskevi Zoulia, 35, and Epameinondas Tsakalis, 36, died in the blaze caused by a Molotov cocktail which chief defendant Theodoros Sipsas, 34, is accused of throwing into the bank.