Police confirms major drug crackdown


The head of the Attica Security Police, Christos Papazafiris, on Saturday confirmed the takedown of two large criminal organizations last week that were involved in widespread narcotics smuggling.

Speaking to the press, Papazafiris said that large-scale police operations have led to 11 arrests so far in the Attica region and in Patra, as well as to the seizure of nearly 1.7 tons of unprocessed cannabis and more than 28 kilograms of cocaine.

The bulk of the cannabis was seized from a warehouse in northern Attica last week, which is believed to have been used by one of the two gangs as a central distribution point, from which dealers in other parts of Greece and Europe were supplied.

The cocaine, which allegedly concerns the second gang, was located in a truck bound for Italy at the western port of Patra.