Government’s reaction to TV license ruling ‘vulgar’ and ‘suicidal’ says PASOK strongman


Former socialist leader Evangelos Venizelos on Thursday accused the leftist-led government of choosing a path that “leads to an open institutional crisis” with its reactions to a ruling on Wednesday by the Council of State deeming a TV license auction held in September unconstitutional.

The government’s response to the ruling was “vulgar from an institutional standpoint, heavy-handedly stubborn and politically suicidal,” PASOK’s Venizelos said.

Venizelos, who is also a professor of constitutional law, added that a statement by government spokeswoman Olga Gerovassili in response to the court’s ruling, “constitutes an official announcement of the abolition of the Constitution.”

Gerovassili said in the wake of the Council of State’s verdict that “nothing will stand in the way of the government’s determination to bring some order to the radio and television landscape.”

Venizelos also criticized Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of believing that by presenting a new licensing law – as the government said it would do on Monday – the court’s decision and the Constitution could be circumvented.