Seven drug arrests made in two separate cases


Police at Athens International Airport confiscated 3 kilograms of cocaine from the luggage of a 33-year-old man who arrived in Greece on Thursday on a flight from Sao Paolo via Zurich.

The drugs had been concealed in four packages in the outer casing of his suitcase, police sources said.

Officers also detained a 28-year-old Greek woman who is believed to have ordered the drugs from the 33-year-old on behalf of a 42-year-old Nigerian man, who was also arrested.

Separately, police in Evros, northern Greece, seized 113 kilograms of cannabis from farmland in the region and arrested a 59-year-old Alexandroupoli man and his 34-year-old Russian girlfriend. The drugs were smuggled into the country from Albania and had been destined for Turkey, according to police sources.

The pair are believed to be members of the same criminal racket which has been linked to drug trafficking as well as human smuggling.