More woes for commuters as transport stoppages continue


Disruptions in public transport services are set to continue this week as workers’ unions protest the government’s privatization plans. On Monday, November 21, ISAP electric railway services will be halted up to 10 a.m., while on Tuesday, November 22, no services are expected on the Athens metro and tram between noon and 4 p.m.

Commuters were expected to face disruptions on Thursday, November 24, as there will be no ISAP services after 9 p.m.

ISAP services would be affected by more industrial action on Saturday, November 26 (after 9 p.m.), Monday, November 28 (up to 10 a.m.), Wednesday, November 30 (noon to 4 p.m.) and Friday, December 2 (after 9 p.m.).