Dead Sepolia gunman was Albanian ex-con

A gunman killed by a policeman after shooting an officer in an Athens firefight on Thursday was identified yesterday as an Albanian with a past conviction for drug-smuggling. Hristo Nakas, 35, was killed in Sepolia, western Athens, after opening fire on policemen called by bystanders who had seen Nakas hitting a woman in the street. When officer Andreas Kotsikoyiannis, 28, gave chase and caught up with Nakas, the gunman shot him, point-blank, in the chest. Kotsikoyiannis was not wearing his bulletproof vest. The Public Order Ministry yesterday said the wounded policeman’s condition was stable. Police said the 50-year-old Albanian woman Nakas had attacked – and who had denied any knowledge of the gunman’s identity – was the mother of a man he had met in prison while serving a 1996 conviction for possession of half a kilo of heroin.