Opposition parties urge government to disclose Tsakalotos letter to creditors


Opposition parties on Tuesday urged the leftist-led government to disclose the content of a recent letter by Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos to Greece’s creditors reaffirming the administration’s commitments to reforms demanded as part of the nation’s third bailout.

The letter has been credited with breaking a deadlock in talks about initial Greek debt relief measures that were frozen mid-month over the government’s controversial decision to pay pensioners a Christmas bonus.

New Democracy on Tuesday accused the ruling party of secretly pledging to conform to the whims of creditors while at the same time beating the drum of political revolt.

“People know the truth. Tsipras will do anything to stay in power. He will not hesitate to put his signature on anything that is asked of him in order to put off the test of popular vote,” a statement from the conservative party said.

“[Tsipras] has become the best ally of those hardliners in Europe who want Greece to remain trapped in a perpetual state of austerity,” it said.

Also on Tuesday, two deputies from the Democratic Alignment (PASOK) party tabled a question in Parliament for Tsakalotos, asking him to make the content of the letter public.

In their question, MPs Yiannis Koutsoukos and Vassilis Kegeroglou said that the government’s refusal to release the document, while insisting that no extra commitment was undertaken, “had raised many questions.”