Group claims bank bomb

A group that injured a policeman during an Athens court blast last summer claimed responsibility yesterday for an attempted bomb attack on an American bank in Psychico on Sunday night. A caller claiming to represent Revolutionary Struggle told Eleftherotypia daily that the group had planted the bomb outside a Citibank branch on the corner of Kifissias Avenue and Palama St, but gave no reason for the attack. Around 9 p.m. on Sunday, the paper had received a first call warning that a bomb would go off at the Psychico bank in 35 minutes. Police cordoned off the area and, when there was no blast, destroyed the device – which had been left in a bag outside the bank – in a controlled explosion. The device was found to consist of two sticks of dynamite, a detonator and a clock. Revolutionary Struggle first appeared when it claimed responsibility for two predawn blasts at the main Athens court complex on September 5, in which a policeman was lightly injured. It had issued no warning before the attack.