Police detain Revolutionary Struggle fugitive in Athens


Greek police early on Thursday arrested a militant, who was in hiding with her child and whose Revolutionary Struggle group has carried out more than a dozen attacks, including one on the US embassy in Athens in 2007.

Panagiota Roupa, 48, on the run since 2012, was involved in many of the attacks by Revolutionary Struggle, police said, a group which declared war on all forms of government in 2003. It has said latterly it was also protesting against austerity.

Roupa is the partner of Nikos Maziotis who is in jail for attacks claimed by the group, including a car bomb that damaged the Athens stock exchange in 2009.

“She was arrested in a small apartment in Athens, where she was hiding with her child. She did not resist,” a police official who declined to be named told Reuters.

The Revolutionary Struggle group has claimed responsibility for more than 16 attacks since 2003. It shot and wounded a policeman in revenge for an officer killing a teenager in 2009, which sparked Greece's worst riots for decades.