Istanbul prosecutor’s office says 8 Turkish officers involved in Erdogan assassination plot


The chief public prosecutor’s office in Istanbul reportedly holds information regarding the alleged involvement of 8 Turkish military officers, who have applied for asylum in Greece, in an alleged plot to attack Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in July.

According to Turkish media, Turkish authorities have evidence that on the evening of July 15, the night of a failed coup in the neighboring country, the 8 officers held phone conversations with Turkish officers who are believed to be directly involved in an assassination attempt against Erdogan in the coastal town of Marmaris, where the Turkish president was vacationing.

Meanwhile, Greece’s Supreme Court is expected next week to rule on a set of appeals against deportation by the Turkish officers.

The court is also expected to hear appeals by the Turkish officers against three decisions by the Council of Appeals Court Judges which ruled that three of the five officers should be deported.

The legal teams representing the Turkish officers argue that their clients will not face fair trials in their home country and face the risk of torture or even death.