Anemic gov’t performance sparks inner-party criticism


Lingering uncertainty over the conclusion of the second bailout review and embarrassing foot-dragging in several key areas of policy have intensified criticism of the SYRIZA-led administration from senior officials inside the leftist party.

Analysts agree that the November reshuffle failed to energize Alexis Tsipras’s flagging administration, as members of SYRIZA’s Central Committee and Executive Secretariat (set up in the wake of the party’s October congress) are voicing frustration at the government’s performance.

They are focusing in particular on its failure to clarify rules regarding the collection of receipts, to explain the status of self-employed professionals and to streamline the new Single Social Security Entity (EFKA).

Many SYRIZA officials also appear unhappy over Tsipras’s failure to ensure that his officials carry out his pledges. A well-informed source, moreover, suggests that Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos is losing his clout within SYRIZA’s radical Movement of 53 faction.