Section of Corinth-Patra highway to remain closed until January 26


The section of the Corinth-Patra highway in the northern Peloponnese from Selianitika in Aigileia to the Rio interchange will be closed to traffic until Thursday, January 26.

Motorists will be diverted to the old highway while management company Olympia Odos strengthens fortifications along the side of the road following a rock fall on Thursday. The company will use the opportunity to conduct other maintenance work, which had been scheduled for a later date.

Olympia Odos said the brief delay in reopening the stretch would also be used to speed up work on the Panagopoulou tunnels, which are expected to facilitate motorists significantly.

The diversion, according to ANA-MPA news agency, means that motorists will not have to pay tolls at Rio and Zevgolatia.