Interpreter to help depose teen accused of killing 6-year-old boy


A 15-year-old Roma boy on Wednesday faced a prosecutor in Komotini, northern Greece, charged with the sexual assault and murder of a 6-year-old deaf boy, also a member of the local Roma community.

Authorities have not yet managed to get the deposition of the 15-year-old as he is also deaf. An interpreter is due to arrive in Komotini on Friday.

According to the lawyer representing the victim’s family, Panagiotis Haralambidis, the alleged perpetrator has displayed an “unnatural calmness” and does not appear to be mentally disabled.

Police in Komotini are on standby for possible revenge attacks against the family of the alleged perpetrator.

The 6-year-old disappeared on Sunday and was found dead on Monday, with abrasions and bruises around the face and neck.

A coroner determined that he was raped and then strangled to death.