Protesting farmers try to reach northern border


Greek police on Friday obstructed farmers protesting hikes to tax and social security contribution payments from moving their tractors to block the Promachonas checkpoint on the country’s border with Bulgaria.

“We have alternative plans and we shall put them into force,” local union leader Stergios Litos told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency as protesters kept their tractors parked at the Lefkonas junction along the highway connecting Serres and Thessaloniki. “What’s certain is that we shall finally reach the Promachonas checkpoint,” he said.

Meanwhile, farmers disrupted traffic in Arta, western Greece, in Nikaia (near Larissa), central Greece, and Achaia, in the Peloponnese. On Monday, they are expected to extend action in the western Macedonia region.

Greek farmers blocked the Bulgarian border crossing for more than a month early last year, causing serious cross-border transport problems and diplomatic tensions with Sofia.