Members of Rouvikonas barge into Labor Ministry


A group of protesters claiming to belong to the anti-establishment Rouvikonas group barged into the Labor Ministry in central Athens on Monday, shouting slogans and scattering flyers.

Police were called shortly before 2 p.m. as the youths ran amok through the building protesting pension cuts and social security hikes, remanding 15 suspects for questioning.

Meanwhile, Rouvikonas posted a message on an anarchist website claiming that it had organized the protest because the “Labor Ministry is the main conductor belt via which these decisions are transferred to the populace.”

“There is no reason why we should watch the same scene repeating itself. Institutions, government, opposition, [bailout] review, new measures. There is no reason why we should even take this piece of shadow theater seriously,” the message added.

Rouvikonas, which means Rubicon in Greek, has claimed responsibility for dozens of attacks on public transport infrastructure, ticket collectors, public buildings and financial institutions.