ND highlights apparent rift within gov’t over economic policy


In comments on Thursday following a heated session in Greece's Parliament the night before, opposition New Democracy spokesman Vassilis Kikilias drew attention to an apparent rift within the government over economic policy following a clash between Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos and House speaker Nikos Voutsis.

Voutsis's refusal to permit Tsakalotos to address the House as Tsipras was taking the stand fuelled speculation about a rift in the government over economic policy.

"The difference of opinion between the prime minister and the finance minister is obvious," Kikilias sid.

"The own goal by the government side is unbelievable," he said. "It proved that everything ND has said about the negotiations [with Greece's creditors] is true."

"While the finance minister insists that 80 percent of the issues being negotiated have been concluded, a non-paper from the Megaro Maximou confirmed that only 35 percent have been resolved," Kikilias said, referring to the Prime Minister's office.

The rift was clear when Tsakalotos persistently asked to speak and the Parliamentary speaker would not permit him, Kikilias said.