Data point to aging teachers in secondary education


The freeze on new hirings and mass retirements of teachers in Greek secondary education as a result of spending cuts mandated by the bailout agreements has raised the average age of remaining staff, Kathimerini understands.

“In light of existing trends… many teachers will be almost 50 years older than their pupils in a few years,” said Nektarios Kordis of the Greek Central Council for Secondary Education (KYSDE).

According to data provided by KYSDE, the average age of teachers at Greece’s high schools and senior high schools is 48.8. This drops to 48 when substitute teachers with working experience are included.

Math teachers, according to the same figures, have the highest average age at 52.

Union representatives warn that the average age of teachers will rise further as, according to the provisions of the new pension system after 2022, the transitional process concerning retirement will no longer apply and all education sector employees will retire either at 67 or, if they have paid 40 years of social security dues, 62.