Buried World War II bomb prompts evacuation in Thessaloniki on Sunday


Authorities in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, will be evacuating thousands of people from their homes on Sunday as bomb experts attempt to disarm and remove a large World War II bomb.

The bomb was discovered during excavations at a gas station last week in the populous suburb of Kordelio, prompting an emergency meeting between regional authorities, the police and military experts on how to safely remove the aged explosive device.

Deputy Regional Governor Voula Patoulidou said that a cordon of 2 kilometers will be set up around the site and around 50,000 people evacuated from the area to local gyms and other facilities, until the bomb-removal operation is completed.

She added that the 250-kilogram bomb was found just 4 centimeters below the surface of the ground and is estimated to contain around 150 kilograms of explosives, making the operation particularly tricky.