Schaeuble trying to destabilize Greece, Pittella says


Gianni Pittella, the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) chief in the European Parliament has reacted to remarks by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble earlier this week that Greece would have to leave the eurozone if it failed to meet its bailout commitments.

"Schaeuble likes to play with fire whenever Greece is concerned. Athens has made considerable efforts. Now Greece's European partners have to fulfil their commitments, complete the ongoing bailout review and grant a significant debt relief," Pittella told Der Tagesspiegel newspaper Thursday.

"As always, Schaeuble tries to destabilize Greece to score points in Germany’s domestic political scene. This is irresponsible and dangerous – especially against the backdrop of [US President Donald] Trump’s verbal attacks on Europe," said.

Also on Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the eurozone must remain as one bloc, and urged members of the euro area to meet their common commitments.

"For me it is not a matter of two speeds within the eurozone," Merkel said. "The eurozone must remain together. And what we agreed on should be delivered together by all the euro member states," she said.