Farmers bringing grievances to Athens, to meet with officials


Hundreds of farmers are to converge on Athens on Tuesday in a bid to win support for their ongoing protests against the government’s tax and social security reforms.

Around 2,000 Greek farmers are expected to join a rally in central Athens on Tuesday ahead of a planned meeting on Wednesday between unionists and a government delegation headed by Agriculture Minister Vangelis Apostolou and Deputy Prime Minister Yiannis Dragasakis.

Farmers have been using their tractors to block road junctions for more than three weeks in protest at increases in their taxes and social security contributions. Unlike a rally in Athens this time last year, farmers are not expected to enter the capital on their tractors this time.

The civil servants’ union ADEDY has called for a work stoppage between 12.30 p.m. and the end of the shift so public sector workers can join the farmers’ rally in Athens. It remained unclear on Monday what impact the civil servants’ action would have on state services.