Strikes and fare dodging cost state millions


Fare dodging and repeated strikes and work stoppages by employees of the Greek transport system are costing the state millions in lost revenues.

According to estimates last summer, fare dodging alone costs the public transport system between 40 and 60 million euros per year, while, according to the operator of Athens’s fixed-track public transport system, STASY, a one-day strike costs the company 152,738 euros from the non-sale of tickets.

The loss is further augmented by the fact that workers still receive pay when they walk off the job. According to STASY, daily wage costs are roughly 70,000 euros.

More specifically, a one-hour work stoppage – in a 20-hour shift – costs the company about 7,636 euros.

Last week’s three-hour work stoppage set the company back 22,908 euros. Roughly 725,000 commuters use the Athens metro, the ISAP electric rail line and the tram daily.

Workers are planning new strike action for March 1 and 3.

Meanwhile, the Ilioupoli and Aghia Paraskevi metro stations will be closed tomorrow and Sunday as part of ongoing work to install ticket barriers in a bid to crack down on fare dodging.

The Peristeri metro station will also be shut down on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the same reason.