Horrific car crash exposes Greece’s speeding problem


A video of a horrific accident on the Athens-Lamia national highway on Sunday, which left four people dead, has gone viral, exposing the dangerous problem of speeding on Greek roads.

The video showed a Porsche, driven by Giorgos Vakakis, the son of Jumbo toy store owner Apostolos Vakakis, plowing into a parked car and roadside restroom, causing an explosion.

The crash resulted in the deaths of Vakakis, his passenger and a 33-year-old woman with her 3-year-old son, who were in the parked vehicle. Experts assessed that the Porsche was straveling at around 200 kilometers per hour.

Apart from the Attiki Odos highway in Attica, which has 14 radar cameras, most major roads in Greece rely on police speed guns to monitor vehicles that break the speed limit.

“Since last year, 5,000 people have been involved in road accidents,” road safety expert Tassos Markouizos told Skai TV Tuesday.

“Five deaths a day, four or five living dead, 20 left disabled, and 60 injured, mostly aged between 15 and 29,” he said.