Parliamentary speaker says 25 ex-MPs warned over loan arrears


Parliamentary Speaker Nikos Voutsis on Monday said that he would be sending notices to tax authorities unless 25 former lawmakers make good on their repayments of loans taken from Parliament’s “Special Solidarity Account.”

The overdue loans in question, which have sparked reactions in the media, amount to a total of 180,000 euros, Voutsis said. He added that current and former lawmakers have borrowed some 700,000 euros in total from the special account, which is sustained by withholding a percentage of MPs’ salaries.

All of the borrowers, with the exception of the 25, are up to date in their payments, Voutsis said, adding that the laggards have been notified that they have one month to settle their debts before their names are given to the tax authorities.

“The issue is not whether lawmakers are able to get loans when the people are not. This is not financial assistance or a subsidy, it is a loan scheme that Parliament decided on and which needs to be paid back,” Voutsis said, responding to criticism.