Three makeshift bombs go off in Thessaloniki overnight


Explosives experts in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, on Tuesday were examining the remains of three gas-canister bombs that went off in different parts of the city in the early hours.

The first makeshift device was placed under a van belonging to OTE telecoms parked on Constantinou Karamanli Street and when off shortly after 4 a.m. The explosion damaged the vehicle but none of the adjacent properties.

The second blast was almost simultaneous and took place at the entrance of a building housing the Thessaloniki Municipality’s Architecture Center, while the third came some 20 minutes later and the device was also placed in the entrance of a building, this one home to a branch of a local technical college on Megalou Alexandrou Street.

Firefighters extinguished the blazes at all three blast sites, containing the damage. No injuries were reported.