Special guard charged with taxi driver’s murder remanded in custody


A 30-year-old police special guard alleged to have murdered a 52-year-old tax driver in Kastoria last week was remanded in custody on Monday.

The suspect is the officer who shot and arrested Nikos Maziotis – the self-professed leader of guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle – during a shootout at Monastiraki in 2014.

The guard initially told investigators that he killed the taxi driver in order to rob him before attributing the attack to personal differences.

During his testimony before a magistrate, the guard reportedly reiterated the same motives and was subsequently transferred to a prison in Grevena.

The family of the police officer on Sunday issued an apology to the victim's family.

The victim, who was shot in the head and back, was found by police in a remote area off the Lefki-Koromilias road, near a river, at a distance of 50 meters from his car.