Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire claims responsibility for Schaeuble parcel bomb


The Greek urban guerrilla group Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire on Thursday claimed responsibility for a parcel bomb that was sent to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Wednesday.

In a post on the Indymedia Athens anarchist website signed by the group, it claimed at that the parcel bomb was the “second act” of an operation dubbed the “Nemesis plan,” which started last December when the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire claimed to have spiked popular soft drinks at supermarkets with poison.

“We take responsibility for sending the booby-trapped parcel to the German finance minister,” the group said, adding that it will be posting a full declaration on the action later.

The parcel bomb addressed to Schaeuble and labeled as having been sent from the Athens office of New Democracy Vice President Adonis Georgiadis was intercepted at the German Finance Ministry and found to contain an explosive material similar to that used in fireworks.

The discovery of the parcel prompted an evacuation of the ministry until bomb disposal experts were able to ascertain its contents and search the vicinity for any other suspect packages.