Two Greeks among those injured in London attack, both reported in good health


Two of around 30 people who were injured when a terrorist mowed down pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge on Wednesday – killing two and then stabbing a police officer to death – have been identified as Greeks.

The BBC on Thursday reported that the injured are 12 Britons – including three police officers, two of whom were seriously injured and four university students – as well as three French children on a school trip, four South Koreans, two Romanians, two Greeks, a Chinese national, an Italian, an American, a Pole, an Irish national and a German woman resident in Australia.

The Greek Foreign Ministry said the two Greeks did not require hospitalization and were released with minor injuries by emergency medical crews on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Theresa May said the assailant, who was shot down by police when trying to barge into parliament, was British-born and had been investigated by MI5 in the past as a ‘peripheral figure’ in relation to extremist terrorism.