Union of prosecutors decries targeting of members in wake of resignation


The union representing Greece's judges and prosecutors on Monday issued a statement, expressing concern about what is described as a virtually daily phenomenon of attempts to undermine their work.

The union made the statement in the wake of the decision over the weekend by top corruption prosecutor Eleni Raikou to tender her resignation following claims that she was targeted in connection with her probe into the Novartis healthcare affair and suggestions that state officials also undermined her efforts.

Raikou also cited an article published in Documento newspaper over the weekend, accusing her of covering up an investigation into defense procurements during the stint of socialist minister Yiannos Papantoniou, claims she described as groundless and slanderous.

Noting that it was not aware of the details and grounds of the claims by Raikou, the union stated, however that "there is an institutional deficit." "The current state of affairs can be seen in the contrast between the constitutionally protected independence of the judicial functionary and the ability of media that are aligned with financial and political interests to impose pressure on them," the union said.

It called on the government to find a way of increasing judicial functionaries institutional protection.