Former ministers and MEP announce new parties


Former PASOK ministers Anna Diamantopoulou, Yiannis Ragousis and Giorgos Floridis hosted an open event on Wednesday at the Royal Olympic Hotel in central Athens to promote their new political movement Ora Apofaseon (Decision Time).

The stated objective of the movement, which firmly set itself on the center-left of the political spectrum, is to fight conservatism on both the right and the left. As the event took place another former PASOK minister, Alekos Papadopoulos, said that the founding congress of his new party, Dimokratiki Efthini (Democratic Responsibility), will take place at the Metropolitan Hotel in Athens at the weekend.

Speaking to Skai TV on Wednesday, Papadopoulos said he expects the party will have no appeal for complacent sectors of the population that have learned only to enjoy privileges. Meanwhile, serving member of the European Parliament Notis Marias also announced on Wednesday the creation of a new party, Greece – The Other Road, which aims to “liberate” Greece from its bailout. Marias – a former member of junior coalition partner Independent Greeks – said the new party’s goal is to work toward “liberating Greece from usurious lenders, and to write off Greece’s debt,” and seek German war reparations.

He also called for support from citizens “that don’t want Greece to turn into one big hotspot with thousands of refugees and illegal immigrants.”