Power firm zaps hike in postal costs

Having found the cost of mailing millions of electricity bills to its customers every year exorbitant, the Public Power Corporation (PPC) yesterday appealed to Greece’s telecommunications and posts watchdog for a better deal. PPC Chairman Dimitrios Papoulias appealed to the National Committee on Telecommunications and Posts (EETT), noting that the state Hellenic Post Office (ELTA) has increased its prices at a rate considerably higher than the rise in inflation. PPC says that, while inflation has grown by a collective 143 percent over the past 10 years, ELTA has hiked its charges by 243 percent. At the same time, the company stressed, PPC’s own charges have only gone up 47 percent. PPC also complained that, since May 2000, the cost of mailing a plain envelope – raised from 85.8 drachmas 103.83 drachmas – has increased by 21 percent. EETT must now investigate ELTA’s price polices in conjunction with the postal services provided. Yesterday, the Athens News Agency quoted the British Press Gazette as carrying a denial by the Air Britain aviation magazine that it had accredited Coppin on a trip to Turkey this year, at the invitation of the Turkish military.