Aegean and Cyprus are high Turkish priorities


Apart from the war in Syria and its repercussions, Turkish interests and “legal rights” in the Aegean and the Cyprus peace negotiations are among Turkey’s top foreign policy priorities, according to the country’s National Security Council, which convened this week.

With regard to the Aegean, the council said that Turkey will pursue constructive dialogue and good-neighborly relations in a bid to resolve differences with Greece but “will not, in any case, accept a fait accompli.”

The council berated the Greek Cypriots for the standstill in talks because of a decision by the Parliament for schools to honor a 1950 referendum calling for union with Greece. It said that a solution should be based on the concept of equal partnership and accused the Greek side of stalling for time.

Analysts say the statement by the council shows that Turkey continues to dispute Greek sovereignty in the Aegean, and proves that the fiery rhetoric emanating from Ankara is not just to win over a domestic audience, saying that it underlines its core policy objectives with regard to the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.