50 Years Ago Today

CHURCH CAMPAIGN: The Holy Synod has just been presented with a long report of the results of the Church’s spiritual campaign by 26 archimandrites in northern Greece. (…) Residents of border villages are mourning their children’s abduction behind the Iron Curtain by communist outlaws. In other villages infected by the communist microbe, people are not going to church at all. The root of the evil is the lack of churches and priests and the increase in materialistic propaganda in recent years. KANELLOPOULOS-MITSOTAKIS: During yesterday’s session of Parliament, there was a debate of the bill on determining the positions of officers and warrant officers in the gendarmerie. (…) Panayiotis Kanellopoulos: The British mission is against this bill. Constantine Mitsotakis: The government cannot take into consideration the opinion of the British mission. STEFANOS AND MARION: The United Democratic Left (EDA) deputy, Mr Sarafis yesterday visited Foreign Minister Evangelos Averoff to ask for the relaxation of certain formalities required for his marriage to a British subject. PLASTIRAS NOT MARRIED: After press reports yesterday that the (ailing) Prime Minister Nikolaos Plastiras recently married Mrs Athanasiadi, the widow of the brother of Mr Bodosakis-Athanasiadis, the director of Plastiras’s political bureau issued a statement calling the report absolutely false.