IOC upbeat on stadium roof

The International Olympic Committee’s top inspector of Greece’s preparations, Dennis Oswald, yesterday said he felt confident that the IOC’s main headache ahead of the August Games, the roof for the main stadium, will be ready on time. Oswald was speaking during a visit to the cycling track, which on Sunday acquired a smaller version of the steel-and-glass roof designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava for the main Olympic stadium. «[Completion of the velodrome shelter] gives full confidence that the [Olympic Stadium] roof will be completed perfectly well and on time,» he said. «Our experts have reviewed the techniques used and the estimated time of completion, and it all seems realistic to us… I must say, I am now very optimistic. There have been, in the last four or five weeks, a number of very positive elements.» Oswald said a new IOC concern was that work should progress in laying cables for TV broadcasts at the Olympic complex.