Two arrested in Rhodes for snatching jewelry off older women


A prosecutor on the southeastern Aegean island of Rhodes on Tuesday questioned two suspects aged 16 and 22 in regards to a series of snatch-and-grab robberies that were reported over the past four months.

According to investigators, the two young men, along with a female accomplice who is still at large, allegedly gained entry into the homes of women aged from the 60s up and violently snatched any valuable jewelry the victims were wearing at the moment, particularly gold necklaces.

Police arrested the two young men, who are related, after victims reportedly identified them as their assailants.

Investigators said they have evidence linking the suspects to at least four such incidents in as many months. One of the victims was a German national aged 65, according to the police’s official report.

The case against the younger of the two suspects will be handled by a special prosecutor for minors.