Attica traffic accidents in May total just under 500


Thirteen people were killed, another 13 sustained serious injuries and 473 walked away with limited damage from a total of 499 traffic accidents that were reported in the region of Attica last month.

According to the Traffic Police’s May report, the majority of the 499 accidents were caused by carelessness and violations of basic traffic code rules.

In the same month, the Traffic Police registered 26,368 violations in Attica, over 2,000 of which concerned drivers going over the speed limit and more than 1,000 motorists using their cellphones at the wheel.

The report also included a warning to all motorists and motorcycle drivers in particular – 2,011 of which were caught not wearing a helmet – to adhere to basic safety rules, saying that many of the more serious injuries and deaths could have been prevented.

Furthermore, police in Attica stopped 807 motorists who were driving under the influence of alcohol and 518 who ran a red light.