More than 230 people housed in hotels following Lesvos quake


A total of 232 people left homeless by Monday’s 6.1 magnitude undersea quake south of Lesvos, in the eastern Aegean, are being housed in hotels and temporary accommodation, authorities said Friday.

Another 85 individuals are staying with relatives, authorities said.

Iliachtida, a non-profit organization, is providing meals to dozens of quake victims in Vrisa, the village worst-hit by the tremor, while food distribution is coordinated by the president of the community, Stratis Parakoulas, the Athens-Macedonian news agency reported Friday.

Reports Thursday said an investigation has been ordered by a prosecutor on Lesvos into false claims that a second large earthquake was imminent, which resulted in panic among locals.

In a letter to the prosecutor of Greece’s Supreme Court, Infrastructure Minister Christos Spirtzis said unfounded and inaccurate claims were being made in the wake of Monday’s earthquake.

He called on everyone to respect the plight of those in the quake zone and not to add to the hardship of residents who lost their homes in the quake.