PM fails to win opposition party backing for Eurogroup deal


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Tuesday finished briefing the leaders of opposition parties on last week’s Eurogroup deal in talks that also sought to consolidate a common position on ongoing Cyprus talks.

According to sources, all parties were basically in agreement on Cyprus but Tsipras failed to win any opposition backing for his government’s Eurogroup deal which all party leaders dismissed as a further burden on Greeks.

Although the mood in talks between Tsipras and conservative New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis was said to be good, Mitsotakis stressed that the agreement be discussed in Parliament next week so that “the Greek people can know the truth.”

The mood was significantly less cordial in talks between Tsipras and PASOK leader Fofi Gennimata earlier in the day. In a televised exchange, Tsipras declared that the Eurogroup deal “gives our country a year without any pressure, a breath for us to be able to consider the country’s future.” Gennimata fired back, saying, “I don’t know how much of a breath we can take as you’ve put a noose around our neck,” a comment which in turn prompted Tsipras to respond: “You put us in the memorandums. I am going to get you out.”

Tsipras is Wednesday to talk up the Eurogroup deal at a cabinet meeting with his ministers.