ND, PASOK attack Tsipras after Greek PM lays out prospect of bond market return


Opposition parties on Wednesday attacked Alexis Tsipras after Greece’s left-wing prime minister said his bailout-reliant country would “very soon” be in a position to tap bond markets again.

“Tsipras today addressed the only audience he has left to applaud him: His ministers,” New Democracy party spokesman Vassilis Kikilas said.

“It is obvious that he is increasingly losing touch with citizens, with their problems and with Greek reality,” Kikilias said, adding that the government’s leftist “obsessions” were undermining any real prospects for reform and economic growth.

Speaking to his cabinet Wednesday, Tsipras said that eurozone finance ministers at the Eurogroup meeting of June 15 had agreed to support Greece's return to markets so that it will be able to refinance its debt once the bailout ends in August 2018.

Tsipras also came under fire from PASOK socialists.

“The prime minister’s cabinet speech confirmed that Tsipras is allergic to truth and criticism,” PASOK spokesman Pavlos Christidis said.

Parliament is set to debate the progress of the Greek economy and the deal reached at the recent Eurogroup meeting on Monday, July 3.