Municipal authorities providing respite from heat wave


The City of Athens and other municipal authorities around the country said on Tuesday that they will keep community centers and other air-conditioned facilities open all day as of Wednesday to offer citizens protection from the heat wave, for as long as it lasts.

Meteorologists have warned that temperatures are expected to rise steadily over the coming days, hitting 43 degrees Celsius in many parts of the country near the end of the week and on the weekend.

“Such a heat wave is uncommon in June and tends to occur every decade or so,” Hellenic National Meteorological Service chief Antonis Lalos told the ANA-MPA news agency on Tuesday. “We don’t know what to expect for July, but we shouldn’t assume that just because we’re burning up now we will do so again in July.”

On Monday, health authorities in Athens warned of elevated ozone levels, advising the elderly, people with young children and individuals suffering from heart or breathing problems to avoid exposure as much as possible.

Authorities are also telling holidaymakers not to risk heat stroke for the sake of a perfect tan, advising that they stay in the shade and drink plenty of water while on the beach.