Firefighters called to 36 blazes within 24 hours


Greece's firefighting services were called on to put out 36 forest fires within 24 hours as high temperatures created tinder-dry conditions, sources said on Monday.

Of the 36 fires, most were doused in the initial stages, according to the fire service. Most of the other blazes — on Zakynthos, in the Cretan prefecture of Ierapetra, in Diminio near Volos and on the island of Kythira — were under partial control on Monday.

With another heatwave forecast for this week, authorities have appealed to citizens to avoid activities that could set off forest fires. 

Meanwhile, a 42-year-old man was arrested yesterday for inadvertently causing a fire in forested area in the region of Venerianika-Koumaro on the island of Kythera in southern Greece. The suspect reportedly sparked the blaze while smoking his beehives on Sunday.