Anti-establishment groups protest at ministry in Thessaloniki


Anti-establishment activists belonging to the groups Libertarian Initiative of Thessaloniki and Rouvikonas entered the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace on Tuesday morning to protest Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s upcoming appearance at the northern port city’s annual trade fair.

Around 10 protesters ran into the building, startling staff, and threw flyers and shouted slogans at around noon, according to local media. They also put up a banner at the ministry’s entrance.

Police escorted the protesters out of the building, ordering them to limit their activities outside.

In an announcement posted on an anarchist website related to the protest, the groups called on the public to join an anti-austerity protest rally planned to coincide with the start of the Thessaloniki International Fair on Saturday. It also called for “support all year round of actions against the implementation of the memorandums in every sphere of life, taking initiatives where they don’t exist and actively participating where they do.”