Crash diets risky

Moderation in everything, especially in diet and physical exercise. «Any sudden change in the body also causes sudden reactions,» medical practitioner Manolis Vaidakis told Kathimerini. «Neither crash diets nor sudden, excessive exercise will benefit someone who is unfit. These changes have to take place gradually and in moderation in order to get the desired result. Otherwise they are pointless and can cause serious health problems.» The effects of sudden changes of diet and physical condition vary according to age and the body. A harsh diet may upset the electrolytes, damaging the nervous system and causing psychosomatic ailments. It may also affect the digestive system or even the cardiac system. In women it may bring about hormonal changes and even disrupt the menstrual cycle. Sudden bursts of strenuous exercise by someone used to a completely sedentary lifestyle may lead to torn muscles, fractures and even heart failure. «Diet and exercise in moderation. Nobody should expect to change their body in one day,» explains Vaidakis.

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