New chief appointed to Supreme Court


Greece’s cabinet on Monday appointed a new president to the country’s Supreme Court, filling the top judicial post after the summer recess, following the retirement in June of Vassiliki Thanou.

The cabinet made its choice from the lower echelons of the court’s judicial hierarchy, naming Vassilis Peppas as the new chief of the body after bypassing several vice presidents.

The new president is hailed as being an experienced and level-headed judge, enjoying a good rapport with his colleagues, staunch in his sense of duty and able to inspire a sense of calm and confidence in his court.

“The effective operation of the justice system, with everything that can be meant in those few words, is an ongoing and urgent demand from our fellow countrymen and the state. We will go to every length to respond to this demand,” Peppas said in a statement following his appointment on Monday. “Judicial officials of every rank are carrying out their duties with diligence, and we will stand by them and strengthen their every effort.”